Joel Mapesa

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Joel serves in local and regional missions work in East Africa. Disciple-making is an important part of his work, but was previously done in a group format. Through one-to-one relationships, Joel is seeing much deeper impact than ever before. As trust develops, people are open to sharing their own weaknesses and walking with each other through life’s challenges. The transformation began within Joe's own family—a deeper connection with his wife and less conflict amongst their four daughters. Within his community, Joel has seen marriages restored, children reconciled with their parents, and people eager to join the kingdom work of disciple-making.

Multiplying Impact
  • Joel has led smallcircle trainings in over eight countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and South Sudan, as well as in Somali and Sudanese refugee camps in Kenya.
  • Over 20,000 smallcircle workbooks have been distributed.
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