Milan Sen

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Milan has a passion to see people know Christ in rural areas across Nepal. Christianity is rapidly growing in Nepal, but Milan knows that accepting Christ is only the beginning of the journey to becoming a mature follower of Christ. In Nepal, many new believers face persecution and rejection from their families. Through one-to-one relationships, new believers find a new family within the church and have a safe place to learn about the Bible and express their pain. Milan travels weeks at a time to train remote villages and deliver smallcircle resources. Though the work is difficult, Milan is encouraged by stories of smallcircle participants going on to plant churches and train others in one-to-one disciple-making. He believes this is how the church in Nepal will persevere.

Multiplying Impact
  • 50 Nepalese churches are using smallcircle.
  • Milan’s goal is for 500 churches to be using smallcircle in 5 years.
  • Each training trip takes about 15 days with at least one week of travel to reach remote villages.
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